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Doss Law is a Unique Law Firm.

Our mortgage clientele range from small mortgage brokers to public companies within the ranks of the top 10 mortgage originators in the nation.

We have formed and represented mortgage pools with several billion dollars of loans under management, and offer federal and state compliance counseling, regulatory representation, mortgage-backed securities, affiliated business arrangements, commercial loan closings, and loan documentation, both consumer and commercial.


Dennis Doss Esq. General Manager Doss Law

Dennis Doss is well versed in all aspects of mortgage pools / funds, mortgage finance, from the entities that operate and finance real estate to the professionals who finance real estate. He is a frequent lecturer on mortgage related issues, including consumer credit, commercial credit, mortgage backed securities, private money lending and lending compliance.

Doss Law Specializes in:

  • Mortgage Pools & Mortgage Funds
  • Securities (Mortgage and Real Estate Offerings)
  • Mortgage Lending (Private / Hard Money & Conventional)
  • Private Money / Hard Money Lending
  • Corporate

Dennis has been a private money mortgage lawyer since 1978 and counts many of the top private or hard money mortgage lenders as his clients.

Dennis also taught corporate law for 15 years at the University of California at Irvine-Extension. He has served as counsel to litigation committees in corporate derivative actions.

Dennis served on the Real Finance Advisory subcommittee of the California Department of Real Estate and is the co-author of its primary borrower disclosure form RE 883, Mortgage Loan Disclosure Statement, used by private money mortgage lenders.

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Is a Mortgage Pool Right For You?

At Doss Law, we offer a free consultation during which we will help you determine if a mortgage pool is the best option for you.

Dennis Doss has extensive experience helping funds and individual investors with their financial law needs. You can speak with Doss Law to learn more about the options available to you today. If you want to find out what Doss Law can do for you please fill out this form for a free initial consultation.


Dennis helped me create a Mortgage pool and we went from a small fund with 15 investors and 2 million dollars to 400 investors with 50 million in equity. I can create a great product for my borrower and it really is a win/win product for us.

Marty Goodman

Doss Law

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