How do I get started creating a Mortgage Pool / Mortgage Fund?

Dennis if I’m interested in the Mortgage Pool for my business, how do I get started? We normally do not ask clients to commit to thousands of dollars in Mortgage Pool costs right off the bat. Instead, we suggest you hire us at our normal hourly rate for a few hours where we will have a firm discussion about Mortgage Pools. We want to make sure make sure a Mortgage Fund is a good fit for you before you make a commitment to go forward with creating a Mortgage Pool.

Fixed Fee Pricing – All of our Mortgage Pool services are done at reasonable fixed fee pricing. There are never any surprises. Those prices include the formation of the legal entities that you need, creating all the documents you need for your offering, the private placement memorandum, the offering circular, the subscription agreements. Our fixed fees includes our consulting services too. Most of our clients like our fixed prices because there are NO surprises, and further appreciate our flexible payment structure where our fixed fees are spread out over 3 installment payments.

Unbundled Legal Services – Initial discussions are usually done by hiring us for a few hours at our standard hourly rates. Also, for miscellaneous Financial Law services you might need assistance with beyond Mortgage Pools, we can address those needs of yours on an hourly rate or, for some well-defined matters, quote you a fixed fee price for a la Carte financial law legal services.

We are here to serve our clients and help them succeed and profit in the lending business like never before!

If after talking to us, you decide you want to go forward with the mortgage pool – the most important thing I have to tell you today is that were here to help you step-by-detailed-step through the entire process. We make it seem easy. We make it smooth and painless for you. We have a good staff of very seasoned lawyers and paralegals that will help you through each step of the process.

A Mortgage Pool Worked Great For These Fund Managers

Dennis… How Do we Get Started?

Dennis H. Doss, General Manager Doss LawThe process, often begins with a kickoff meeting with me and one of the other senior lawyers. We can do this via a telephone conference or at our offices. We then do a very thorough due diligence process on you and your company. All this is important for disclosure purposes.

We then craft your your business operation a Mortgage Pool in a way that you will like it – that will fit you, and work for your business needs. We are also there to help you with vendors and what are your choices in terms of Loan Servicing, Mortgage Pool Servicing, Loan Documentation, and issues like that. We want to help you through the whole package and make it a very pleasant experience for you.

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